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The following is Peter's own introduction to himself written in 2006 as a preface to his book of 'poetry, `My Echo'

Born in I Hungary in 1924 in the town of Kiskoros. My Father was a skilled builder and in 1930 moved to work in and around Budapest. The family settled in the town of Csepel where my Mother was working in the manufacturing industry. My childhood was spent in the period of what is known today as the Great Economic Depression 1928-1936. We were one of the millions of destitute working class families. Most of my teachers thought that I was a talented child but Scholarship was hard to come by so I had to leave school at the age of fourteen. Having been blessed with perfect pitch enabled me to sing in the school's choir for five years. After leaving school, for the next two years managed to do some odd jobs. In 1940 great changes occurred in my life, my parents separated, my Mother managed to get a job for me as apprentice tool maker in the manufacturing industry and also started gliding with the Scouts and flew with them until August 1944.

Literature and art always fascinated me and hardly ever stopped reading since I was nine years of age. In 1944 through an unfortunate occurrence at work, I was locked up for six weeks in the detention centre of an army barrack, there I have written my first poem on the wall.

In 1948 1 settled in England. In 1950 just before the Festival of Britain, moved from Yorkshire to London and began to build my library. Although engineering always paid the mortgage, but every free moment of my life I spent with art; visiting picture galleries, classical concerts, operas and many classical plays. This period of four years became the base of my self education. You may well conclude that I led a virtual schizophrenic lifestyle by shutting the door of my office at five pin. and moved into the world of Art. With periods of inactivity I was writing poetry in Hungarian and won an award from " Arpad Academy of art Cleveland Ohio" in 1970 but by 1967 l started writing in English.

In 1957 I met a notable Hungarian poet in London; Zsigmond Toth, who translated all the poetry of Edgar Allan I'oe into Hungarian. We often discussed the 19 th Century French literature, I still consider him my Mentor and a major influence on my literary education.

Since 1970, I live in Berkshire in relative intellectual isolation writing for my desk which may be the reason for the apparent unity of style in my writings. This booklet is only the foreword to my poetry which is at this stage not included.

In conclusion, all I am asking from posterity to observe the time honoured British tradition of fairness; "Please shoot the message and not the Messenger".

(Peter's superb collection of reference books and classical music has already been gratefully accepted and shipped to a new Hungarian University just inside Rumania )

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